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An Overview

One of the NOAA-ECSC's main educational tools includes the training and the dissemination of specific knowledge and skill based competencies for all student participants. The NOAA-ECSC's strategy is to build upon ongoing research projects and existing programs at the partnering institutions that are directly relevant to the needs of NOAA and related employers through the use of the NOAA-ECSC Center Wide Core Competency (CWCC) course. The CWCC course focuses on coastal and marine ecosystem dynamics (classroom based) and field research methodologies (field based) as basic core competencies for all NOAA-ECSC students. The course is topically based, looking at the various demands placed on coastal systems by human uses, as well as anthropogenic stresses and ecosystem processes and services. Focus area leaders and their respective faculty and staff participants contribute content to the course. The curriculum is then tailored to focus on the training in the related focus area disciplines.

The most recent CWCC course was held in August 2014.

16 graduate students from our partner institutions participated.

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