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This focus area emphasizes the implementation of policies in relation to CMSP. Constructing appropriately adapted decision tools presents challenges quite different than the other focus areas, as CSMP proceeds from analyses of natural systems, systems that do not necessarily conform to geopolitical lines of jurisdiction and authority.  The CMSP approach developed in the other four focus groups will provide a complete and consistent data framework in which policy making and implementation can proceed. 

This decisional process is comprised of four aspects:

  • Distributing the ecological information in a widely usable format
  • Formulating options for systems management and interventions
  • Adopting plans to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Implementing the plans, including room for adaption to new data and adjustments based on embedded feedback loops.

Focus Area-specific Goals:
  • Providing NOAA-ECSC students with skills to analyze natural and social science research outcomes and translate them into decision making tools relevant to NOAA’s mission.
  • Establishing mentoring opportunities and policy-related research collaborations with ECSC faculty, NOAA specialists/scientists and local/regional coastal managers.
  • Developing coursework and webinar opportunities that train ECSC students to effectively evaluate the appropriateness of policy and management options related to coastal areas and NOAA mission-relevant sciences.
  • Encouraging and assisting ESCS students to present policy-related research findings at NOAA or professional meetings and to submit their written findings for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
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The Environmental Cooperative Science Center (Award# NA11SEC4810001) was established in 2001 as part of NOAA's Educational Partnership Program to address ecological and coastal management issues at specific National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERR) and National Marine Sanctuaries.

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