Social and Economic Processes

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The research within this focus group is designed to support CMSP and will be fully integrated with the ecological processes focal area as a bridge between the natural world and human well-being. 

Several research efforts include:

  • identification and mapping of ecosystem services of the NERRs, FGBMS and surrounding communities,
  • assessing monetary and non-monetary values of prioritized ecosystem services where appropriate,
  • developing or enhancing existing decision support tools to include ecosystem services, such as CMSP,
  • applying an ecosystem services framework to assess the well-being of marginalized communities and issues of environmental justice.

Focus Area-specific Goals:
  • Providing students with additional exposure to environmental and sustainability economics through content in a short course and dedicated workshops in order to integrate the human dimensions in environmental decision making.
  • Establishing human dimension education and outreach opportunities with stakeholders through our NERR partners.
  • Mentoring and assisting ECSC students to present their findings at NOAA OPP sponsored and professional meetings and help with their submission of their manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed outlets.
  • Establishing a network of human dimensions professional to act as mentor group for NOAA-ECSC students including individuals from NGOs, government, academia, and the private sector.

Environmental Decision Making

Source: D. Yoskowitz and C. Santos, Harte Research Institute, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

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