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Ecological Processes


The research within this focus area addresses:

  • -Conservation and sustainability of coastal resources, by improving our understanding of coastal ecosystem structure and function, and their responses,
  • -Anthropogenic stressors, including coastal development, pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, and
  • -Climate change, including temperature effects, sea level changes and ocean acidification.

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Forcasting and Modeling



This focus area involves the development and implementation of tools to extend our capabilities to forecast change in marine and coastal environments and the ecological responses to changes that occur both naturally and due to human activities. As an essential tool for CMSP, ecological forecasts will use indicators of coastal ecosystem health, habitat condition and environmental sustainability to provide resource managers with a range of effective strategies for mitigating environmental concerns, restoring ecosystems, or ensuring sustainability of living resources.

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Human Dimensions


The research within this area is designed to support sustainable coastal communities and will be fully integrated with the ecological processes focal area as a bridge between the natural world and human well-being.

Ecosystem Characterization


This focus area involves students in mapping, analysis, and visualization of data and information required for CMSP. Research efforts include:

  • Legacy data compilation
  • Geospatial data model development
  • Geospatial analysis and descriptive and prescriptive modeling
  • New remote sensing data acquisitions that involve field verification studies and development of classification algorithms
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