Ecological Processes

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The research within this focus area addresses:

  • Conservation and sustainability of coastal resources, by improving our understanding of coastal ecosystem structure and function, and their responses,
  • Anthropogenic stressors, including coastal development, pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, and
  • Climate change, including temperature effects, sea level changes and ocean acidification.

Focus Area-specific Goals:
  • Providing ECSC students with key knowledge, skills and abilities to address NOAA’s needs in coastal stewardship and management related to ecosystem processes, status and health.
  • Mentoring and assisting ECSC students to conduct research in areas relevant to NOAAs interest in healthy, sustainable coastal ecosystems.
  • Establishing research collaborations involving graduate and undergraduate students among ECSC faculty, NOAA, NERR and NMS specialists/scientists and local/regional coastal managers.
  • Developing content for a certification course, webinars, or tutorials that will provide all ECSC students a deeper understanding and appreciation for coastal ecosystem sciences, including the impacts of anthropogenic stressors and climate change on these systems.
  • Leading, encouraging and supporting students in presenting research findings at NOAA or professional meetings and submitting research results for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Schematic diagram illustrating the research and training approach of the Ecological Processes focus area in support of CMSP.

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